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  It was very important to know what you were, Italian, Polish, Irish, etc. I'm not quite sure why, but in Chicago, and probably in most big cities, you had to be identified with some ethnic background. Very often the very part of the city you lived in, confirmed your background. Especially before WWII, Chicago was a huge melting pot of European immigrants. As these new arrivals landed in this city, they headed for the very areas where their country men had settled. It made a lot of sense. Now one could speak his native tongue, purchase and prepare the foods of his homeland and carry on the great traditions. But most important of all, their wonder culture was already in place. Settling in this environment you were now fully equipped to pass on all of these traditions and nuances to your children, the children who were speaking English and slowly being assimilated into the American way of life. You had the best of both worlds.

  Many of the Italian neighborhoods in Chicago were made up of people from southern Italy. There were Sicilians, Calabrianís, and Neapolitans, etc. And as the children grew up and married, they found husbands and wives outside of their parents pause. Most of my Italian relatives are from Sicily while my cousin Sheriís side is from Calabria. But what we all have in common is that we can come together often to celebrate any, event, happy or sad.

  Our immigrant forbearers were peasants who loved the land so they kept gardens in the city. Many worked in the food industry, but whatever benefits they reaped, they shared with their families. Even though we may be 3rd generation Italian, we still approach our business in the style of our Italian heritage. We are a small staff but we are related either by blood or attitude. Today, Sheri and I are keeping our traditions alive by sharing them with others. We love our products and our work. We are proud to present them to you. We know you will enjoy them and remember that even though we are full fledged Americans we are proud to called Italian.

Rick & Sheri



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